Black Cat Cowboy Cortez
                Wish you were here Dad !

                                                       Guadalupe Cortez
                                 Nov.20, 1938-Sept.1,2006

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Black Cat Cowboy
Riding Through the Crossroads
Crossroads of America
But Born and Bred In Nuevo Leon, Mexico

As you Ride through one Country
You'll Ride through them all
Light up one last Cigarette
And say Goodbye to us all

Ride Black Cat Keep Ridin
Riding to the River's End
Love and Family await you
even an  old Best friend , , , ,
Who knows if you'll stop in Brownsville, or if you'll go straight on down to Mexico

And every time you'll say, "Take care of your Mother, cuz it's now Time for Me to Go "

As you  Ride through one Country
You'll  Ride through them all

Sing the Last Song And Say Goodbye to Us all