The All-Star Gallery
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Elias "The Tiger" Montemayor
Espana, McAllen, Texas
Lee Rodriguez at Graham Central Station
Pharr, Texas
All-Star Victor Ramirez at Newman's
All-Star Lee Rodriguez
Rolando Salazar sexin it up on the saxophone
Jake and Jazz Master Rene Sandoval
        Jake and All Star sprint voice mail box Jorge
Best Trumpet player in the World:  Arturo Sandoval
Edgar Figueroa and Lee Rodriguez: All Star rhythm                       section from HELL!! 
                      Sammy "Boy" Watts
        Rolando"FishSandwich"Salazar at Peppers
            Jake jammin with Steve"El Padrino"Molina                      and Clueless @ Santa Fe                                                      Steakhouse
          Joyce and Jake @ Santa Fe Steakhouse
            David "The Bone" Peterson
                      Jorge "Niorge" Martinez